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Choose your hardware in 4 easy steps

1. Choose Pulls, knobs or both

Hardware placement ideas: Visually there is no wrong way to arrange your hardware. Which combination works best for your home is your personal preference.

2. Count

Count how many knobs and/or pulls you will need.

TIP: Drawers over 24" wide should have either 2 knobs, 2 small pulls or 1 large pull and drawers under 24" wide need a single knob or pull.

3. Measure

For pulls, measure the center to center of each screw hole to determine what size pull you will need without patching an existing hole.

TIP: Bring your old hardware to the store to compare sizes

4. Check Clearance

Check a knob's projection so that it does not interfere with the function of other doors or drawers.

Choose a finish

Match your kitchen faucet, appliances, light fixtures or other accents in your home. Take a sample of your cabinets to the store and match the hardware to determine the best color combination.

15/SN-Satin Nickel
03/PB-Polished Brass
ARG-Antique Rose Gold
WA-Windsor Antique
VB-Vintage Bronze