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Unconventional Hardware Pairings & Why They Work

Have you ever thought to pair deep Matte Black hardware with pale blush wood in a nursery? What about brass and copper in the same room? While it may seem...

Have you ever thought to pair deep Matte Black hardware with pale blush wood in a nursery? What about brass and copper in the same room? While it may seem like these combinations wouldn’t work, these uncommon pairings may surprise you.

Design by Anne Sage

In this beautiful calming neutral nursery we see stark Matte Black hardware working in tandem over cream ash wood. Often touted as being moody and edgy, Matte Black hardware can be extremely versatile. In this example the hardware works to tie in the ceiling fan and graphic print on the wall. Matte black hardware is probably not first in mind for pastel rooms, and yet here it works due to the repetition of black elsewhere in the room. See more examples below.

Design by Crosby Studios

In this fine art deco Parisian bathroom, Matte Black ties all the finish elements and decor pieces together. Unique border elements, ceiling light and sink vanity all emphasizing graphic line forms keep the look consistent.

Photography by Stacey Brandford, design by Cynthia Soda

On pale blue cabinets, Matte Black hardware serves to bounce the eye around the kitchen's entirety. While this kitchen could’ve easily been dressed up with Chrome or Satin Nickel, using Matte Black creates a striking statement. A black bowl of fruits on the counter, a black planter and cutting board help to repeat black elsewhere and keeps the hardware choice looking intentional.

Design by Roman Plyus

In this stunning bar we see gold taps in close proximity to a copper faucet and coffee machine. Why does it work? Repeated shades of burnt sienna in tabletops, tile and muted terracotta walls help push copper into the background while warm brown woods on the Jeanneret chair, cream upholstered lounge chairs and dried pampas grass floral accents complement the brass hardware amongst a sea of warm pinks.

Design by Alexander &CO.

Gray marbles and concrete often invoke a cool palette within interior spaces. But we see everything from brass, copper and bronze working in an overall gray space why? When the common and obvious choices could’ve been to go with Chrome or a Matte Black... It’s all about intention. With the copper choice, all hardware matches from the faucet spout to faucet handle and knobs. Despite minimal accessories, they’ve repeated and reinforced the color palette in other items.

Source from Plum Guide

A gold-rimmed round mirror, gold tray, gold toothbrush cup, gold soap pump and even golden oil vanity items pull this look together. This just proves to show that there isn’t always a right or wrong way to choose hardware or even mixing and matching as long as the big picture comes together at the end with purposeful intention.


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