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Top 10 Go-To Hardware Collections, the Versatile Styles You Can Use Anywhere

Like some interior designers who have their tried and true color palettes and paint selections for homes, here at Hickory Hardware I’ll be sharing virtually fool-proof hardware. These designs are...

Like some interior designers who have their tried and true color palettes and paint selections for homes, here at Hickory Hardware I’ll be sharing virtually fool-proof hardware. These designs are some of our bestselling collections. They are designs that can complement a wide breadth of cabinet door fronts and interior styles. 

Bar Pulls

Above Clockwise, Featuring Bar Pulls in: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Royal Brass

While I don’t want to start this post with Bar Pulls, hardware of this style is hard to ignore. Those of us in the hardware industry are intimately aware of the wide dissemination and perhaps over saturation of the use of Bar Pulls in the market. They can be seen in both builder grade homes, hotel chains and furniture. 

Bar Pulls adorn everything from ultra flat and modern cabinetry to traditional wood grain cabinets. It’s a simple and quiet design that still remains popular due to its adaptability. Like a plain t-shirt, it acts like the invisible staple piece of an outfit or design. It just works. Everywhere. If you're looking for designs that are just a bit more unique, keep on reading!


Above Clockwise, Featuring Skylight in: Elusive Golden Nickel, Stainless Steel, Brushed Golden Brass

Skylight’s popularity is almost on par with Bar Pulls, save for the fact that the Bar Pulls and those like it have been around for longer than styles similar to Skylight. It’s easy to see why Skylight is so popular, it's one of the most unassuming hardware designs. It’s inoffensive, simple and works well in most situations, just like Bar Pulls. The wide variety of finishes it also comes in can make it look modern or rustic.

Above, Featuring Skylight in Stainless Steel

Skylight is what I currently have in my own kitchen above. To share some insight on my choice, I wanted something very modern initially, something like a lip pull such as Austere, Rockford or even an extremely minimalist pull like Streamline, but with the transitional cabinets I have, you can only go so modern before the hardware looks out of place. Skylight was the perfect solution and looks really elegant at longer lengths. These cabinets used to be a super dark cherry red. The paint job made a huge difference in salvaging the original kitchen cabinets and providing a clean slate for fresh hardware.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Piper in: Brushed Golden Brass, Matte Black, Matte Black

Piper is like the posh dapper cousin of Bar Pulls. The foundation of both designs is almost identical but a few added details with the wrapped bar ends and flared posts help to add a bit of dimension to the Piper collection. The design at its core is still relatively simple and would work for most situations while adding a touch of formality, especially in the Brushed Golden Brass finish.


Woodward in: Matte Black, Brushed Golden Brass, Satin Nickel

Woodward's classical architectural form coalesces into squared silhouettes softened by ergonomically conscious design. Pinched bars make out an adorable bowtie-shaped profile, adding a playful element. Woodward has similar vibes to Bar Pulls and Piper, yet it is unique in its own right.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Greenwich in: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Stainless Steel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Clean and architectural, Greenwich offers just the right amount of design without going over the top. Tapered curves help make it a versatile option for those wanting to avoid too many straight edges in a design, adding softness. Greenwich is proven to look good on a variety of cabinet surfaces, including shaker and rustic fronts.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Studio in: Matte Black, Brushed Golden Brass, Brushed Golden Brass

Chic and classic, Studio’s bold silhouette is similar to Skylight but with more substantial form and thickness. The sharp squared bases add an architectural flair, elevating any kitchen or bath.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Bridges in: Oil-Rubbed Bronze Highlighted, Satin Nickel, Brushed Golden Brass

Out of the 10 hardware collections selected for this post, Bridges is arguably one of the more detailed designs on the list. Despite the curvy silhouette and beveled features, the Bridges collection traverses the fine line between being contemporary and traditional. Bridges can look light and airy over white cabinets or look rustic paired with wood grain cabinets in finishes like Oil-Rubbed Bronze Highlighted.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Veranda in: Brushed Golden Brass, Matte Black, Brushed Golden Brass

Veranda takes cues from the quatrefoil design. Complex exquisite curves create a sense of refinement that works well in spaces high and low, luxe, farmhouse or even coastal.  


Above Clockwise, Featuring Midway in: Crysacrylic with Brushed Golden Brass, Crysacrylic with Chrome, Crysacrylic with Brushed Golden Brass

If you’re after modern understated glam, Midway is the collection for you. This is not your grandmother’s crystal hardware. Midway is modern chic acrylic that looks beautiful without vying for too much attention. Its simple shape makes it work in a myriad of places as seen above, either over rustic wood or clean white.


Above Clockwise, Featuring Forge in: Brushed Golden Brass, Black Iron, Brushed Golden Brass

Forge is Hickory Hardware’s answer to modern farmhouse style, but it is so much more than farmhouse. It’s simple, but with strong graceful lines and smooth curves to create a collection that can adapt into a multitude of styles and even look glam in the right finishes. Chrome and Brushed Golden Brass elevate Forge while Vintage Bronze and Black Iron work better with pastoral styling.

Above, Featuring Forge in Satin Nickel

And that completes our list of the Top 10 Go-To Hardware Collections:

What are your thoughts on our Top 10 selections? Let us know and tag us if you're using one of these designs in a project right now over @hickoryhardware on Instagram!


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