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2021 Interior Design Nursery Trends

The nursery is a place where even serious interior design can have bit more fun and playfulness, it is after all, meant to be a welcome respite for child and...

The nursery is a place where even serious interior design can have bit more fun and playfulness, it is after all, meant to be a welcome respite for child and family. Not surprisingly, nursery trends have echoed much of the current color and material trends we’ve covered in the past couple blog posts. Check them out for some added inspiration!

We’re excited to see how these trends will track over the coming seasons and year. As you scroll through, have you thought about doing a simple style update to your nursery furniture? Updating your furniture hardware by swapping out knobs and pulls is a quick, easy and affordable way to freshen up a wardrobe station, nightstand or closet door.

Natural Materials, Cane, Rattan, Wood & Wicker

We’ve seen a lot of natural woven rattan and cane furniture with the revitalization of the modern bohemian aesthetic. This relaxed, but slightly elevated look has spilled over onto the designs of lamp shades, furniture and now cribs and bassinets. 

The once standard and popular painted look of white and solid gray cribs has given way to the warmth and softness of lightly stained wood. WIth earthy colors trending, it only makes sense that natural materials complement nature’s palette. We’re still seeing a lot of warm neutrals take center stage like beige, tans and creams.


Hickory Hardware’s Natural Woodcraft collection is the perfect combination of soft rounded forms in raw unfinished wood, where an authentic natural wood color and grain shines through. Every piece of Natural Woodcraft is as unique and as imperfect as nature itself, echoing the beauty of other wood finishes, cane and rattan materials.


Now let’s take a look at two very popular nursery colors that are flooding Instagram, both of which complement the natural materials trend.

Blush Pinks

It’s soft, light and airy. Blush pink draws out the warmth in wood tones while creamy whites, browns and blacks can help to ground it.


When choosing hardware to compliment a range of blush pink shades, a soft gold like Flat Ultra Brass in Hickory Hardware’s Willow collection is a great choice for adding some warmth and elegance into a nursery. Willow’s organic shapes are unique, fun and beautiful. To learn more about our top gold finishes and see side-by-side comparisons, take a peek at our blog post! For a midcentury modern design, look no further than our recently released Maven collection, available in a rich Brushed Golden Brass.


Sage & Forest Greens

Green is a versatile color, we see it interpreted as muted sage greens that are almost gray and others in a soft pastel minty version. Those wanting an even bolder look can opt for a rich moody forest green. The colors are comforting and soothing for a nursery and offer something different than a standard bright grass green.


For a stunning hardware and color combo, look for something like Hickory Hardware’s Piper collection in Brushed Golden Brass. The gold tone complements a wide range of green colors from light to dark, bold to muted beautifully. For something dramatic, try something in a bold Matte Black finish. The Woodward collection has a playful bowtie profile with a wide substantial base that helps to mask previous damage.


Barely There Acrylic

For those looking for something a bit luxurious, acrylic cribs do exist. They allow the other elements in the room to pop while the main crib gently recedes into the background. It’s an interesting look that works with a variety of design styles from Italian countryside vibes to boho and midcentury modern. Check it out!

Designed by Dina Bandman Interiors
Designed by Dina Bandman Interiors

If acrylic hardware is up your alley, Hickory Hardware has got you covered. Our hugely popular Midway collection features thick, crystal clear acrylic with metal posts in 4 different finishes to suit a variety of styles and looks from silver finishes like Chrome and Satin Nickel, a gold in Brushed Golden Brass and a recently released Matte Black version! For more classical designs, take a look at our Crystal Palace collection, featuring a variety of different knob styles and a stunning pull design.

Red White & Denim

Botanical Prints

A child-friendly way to incorporate biophilic design into a nursery are botanical accent walls. These fun wallpaper prints offer a way to inject some vibrant visual energy into a room with patterns ranging from classic florals to trees and so-now dried palm leaf patterns.


A few decorative hardware designs that would work well to compliment a botanical wallpaper theme include Hickory Hardware’s Natural Accents collection such as the playful leaf pattern knob above, or our classic mushroom knob designs in the Cottage collection and timeless cup pull designs in the WIlliamsburg collection. 

For something truly unique and “hygge,” we have our leather Bradford pulls which can be mounted as a horizontal or vertical pull, or as a loop as shown above. Bradford comes with all the mounting hardware needed, with Chrome and Antique Brass grommets all included.

 To recap, the interior design nursery trends for 2021 include:

  • Natural Materials, Cane, Rattan, Wood & Wicker
  • Blush Pinks
  • Sage & Forest Greens
  • Barely There Acrylic
  • Botanical Prints

Updating decorative hardware is one of the easiest and fastest ways to update a space. It can be a small but impactful way to change how you experience a room for things you will come into contact with on a daily basis. For more recent inspiration posts, check out:

To learn more about the differences and see finish comparisons within the Hickory Hardware line, see the following:


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