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Introducing our fall collections

Inspired by fashion trends and reimagined by artisans to bring you refreshed designs in decorative hardware

Skylight Collection

Inspired by contemporary kitchen design, taking the elements of architecture to its simplest form and angle: the square and the 90 degree angle. The clean lines of this group translate into minimalist line-and-angle that reflect the balance of scale and proportion.

Pipeline Collection

Our Pipeline design has its roots and inspiration in industrial-style furniture as salvage elements combined into functional pieces. These elements are often comprised of object, shapes, and finishes that have made the trip from factory floor to our kitchens and bathrooms. 

Studio Collection Extensions

Inspired by the 19th Century Pioneer of the simple, modern aesthetic, Christopher Dresser featured geometric forms with a touch of Eastern influence as the hallmarks of his studio. Its versatility allows a wide variety of usages, and new lengthened sizes add simple sophistication to any environment. 

American Diner Collection Extensions

This is a crisp, clean and fun collection of retro inspired hardware designs. Knobs that represent diner stools and ridged pulls with a soft, graceful arc. Influenced by the American diner era, the simplistic shapes give any room a classic 50's vibe with a modern twist, now in longer sizes.

Midway Collection

Our Midway Collection offers a classic, acrylic look with Chrome or Satin Nickel accents.  

Bridges Collection Extensions

Bridges, a popular collection, now has extended sizes. This collection was inspired by the great wonders of the architectural world. Resembling bridges and the details from rails, elevations, and arches. The crisp edges and strong lines make this pull an excellent choice for a clean, yet unique design.

Refined Rustic Extensions

The Refined Rustic collection offers a vast array of rugged, tough pulls that are perfect for the most adventurous of project. These pulls will be sure to achieve the rustic look you want.