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The creatives are a crucial part our message: Setting the Trends Since 1893.

We have an in-house design team that sets us apart. From sketching to 3D or clay models, to production; the entire design process has a trend story behind It. With our design process, we can conceptualize, create depth of details, improve our concepts, and surpass our expectation of quality.


David is inspired by everyday exploration. He appreciates not only the function of an object but also the craftsmanship. He once discovered an old tackle box while kayaking. It was filled with antique bobbers and fishing lures. He noticed many of the bobbers were painted with a color blocked effect. Some looked like they were dipped in paint, others had a more striped effect. The way the paint was treated on these found treasures inspired David to incorporate the look into the hardware he was designing.


Deb is inspired by the history of design. She loves seeing what other designers and artists have done and how they have used their inspiration to create and develop new styles. Noticing how other designers respond to the world around them and incorporate it into their work is important to Deb's own creative process. Similarly, her passion for printmaking and book arts is married with her design work by their demand for excellent craft. Her creative interests focus largely on precise hands-on work resulting in beautiful objects, prints and designs alike.


Steve is inspired by the integration between organic and inorganic shapes. He appreciates the juxtaposition of the curved and asymmetrical shapes found in nature and the clean lines in modern construction. He enjoys seeing man made creations in nature as well as the merging of organic shapes and modern design. Steve recently designed hardware using I-beams and industrial-style parts found in cold warehouses as reference.


Taylor recently bought a home build in the 1940's. She is restoring the house to its original beauty and has been doing a lot of research to do so. Her research, involving mainly mid-century interior design, has inspired her view on hardware design. She is attracted to traditional style - the time of the shift from traditional to modern, and the unique designs that come from that period.

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