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Meet Our Designers


We have an in-house design team that sets us apart. From sketching to 3D or clay models, to production; the entire design process has a trend story behind It. With our design process, we can conceptualize, create depth of details, improve our concepts, and surpass our expectation of quality.


Lisa Koskela is our Senior Manager of Design. Originally from the Detroit area, she made Grand Rapids home after graduating from Kendall College of Art & Design. She has experience leading, collaborating, and delighting customers with new products in the home furnishings industries.


David Warmenhoven is our Design Supervisor who has worked in the industry for over 24 years. He was born in West Michigan and attended College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan. His designs have been showcased in Automobile Magazine, I.D. Magazine and Powerboat Magazine.


Taylor Olson is our Design Modeler. She was born in Virginia, and graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design with a BFA in Sculpture and Functional Art. In her studies, she focused more on functional art and making her own furniture.


Steve Bunn is our Design Modeler. He was born and raised in Mid-Michigan. He graduated from Michigan State University and Kendall College of Art & Design. He has worked in the office furniture industry and won a best of Neocon Silver award for Allsteel’s Stride system.



Kendra Czuhajewski is our Design Intern. She is a West Michigan native, currently attending Kendall College of Art and Design to pursue a BFA in Furniture Design with a minor in Jewelry Design. She was recently one of seven in the nation to be awarded the Celia Moh Scholarship.

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