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Collection Name Changes

136 Items have collection name changes.

Download the excel file here, or see below.

Item # Old Collection New Collection
P14255-OBH Metropolis Conquest
P771-CH Knob Cottage
P770-CH Knob Cottage
P3501-SN Williamsburg Cottage
P3501-SS Williamsburg Cottage
P3500-SS Williamsburg Cottage
P3077-10B Williamsburg Cottage
P3500-SN Williamsburg Cottage
P3077-SN Williamsburg Cottage
P3077-VB Williamsburg Cottage
P3077-SS Williamsburg Cottage
P3151-CH Williamsburg Cottage
HH075852-GLSN Gemstone Crystal Palace
HH075854-GLCH Gemstone Crystal Palace
HH075853-GLSN Gemstone Crystal Palace
HH075855-GLCH Gemstone Crystal Palace
HH075809-GLCH Gemstone Crystal Palace
P705-LU Midway Crystal Palace
P3303-SN Axis Deco
P135-SN Cavalier Eclipse
P135-AB Cavalier Eclipse
P14114-WOA Conquest Eclipse
P14114-26 Sunnyside Eclipse
P3181-MB Knob Euro-Contemporary
P3181-WOA Knob Euro-Contemporary
P3163-VB Cumberland French Country
P27120-BL Utility Hooks Hooks
P27120-AB Utility Hooks Hooks
P27120-CH Utility Hooks Hooks
P27120-PB Utility Hooks Hooks
P25026-CH Utility Hooks Hooks
P25026-SN Utility Hooks Hooks
P27120-SC Utility Hooks Hooks
P27120-W Utility Hooks Hooks
P2712-MB Modus Luna
P326-LP Queen Anne Manor House
P321-LP Queen Anne Manor House
P8005-LP Queen Anne Manor House
P329-LP Queen Anne Manor House
P577-SN Silverado Manor House
P513-SN Silverado Manor House
P2161-SN Euro-Contemporary Metropolis
P2162-SN Euro-Contemporary Metropolis
P3043-SN Greenwich Metropolis
P3040-SN Greenwich Metropolis
P3042-SN Greenwich Metropolis
P3616-SN Metro Mod Metropolis
P114-3 Sunnyside Metropolis
P113-26 Sunnyside Metropolis
P6088-26 Sunnyside Metropolis
P111-26 Sunnyside Metropolis
P115-26 Sunnyside Metropolis
P213-26 Sunnyside Metropolis
P116-3 Sunnyside Metropolis
P214-3 Sunnyside Metropolis
P324-SS Williamsburg Metropolis
P208-26 Williamsburg Metropolis
P208-SS Williamsburg Metropolis
P324-CH Williamsburg Metropolis
P208-UB Williamsburg Metropolis
P324-SN Williamsburg Metropolis
PA1213-WOA Eclipse Modus
P3180-WOA Knob Modus
PA1218-SN Modern Accents Modus
PA1217-SN Modern Accents Modus
PA1218-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1022-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1216-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1023-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1211-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1021-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA1214-WOA OxFord Antique Modus
PA0111-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA1512-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA0121-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA0112-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA1513-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA0114-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA0115-VP South Seas Natural Accents
PA0122-VP South Seas Natural Accents
P7301-VP Touch Of Spring Natural Accents
P7304-VP Touch Of Spring Natural Accents
P7302-VP Touch Of Spring Natural Accents
P7303-VP Touch Of Spring Natural Accents
P3123-SN Rotterdam Raleigh
P3111-14 Rotterdam Raleigh
P3117-14 Rotterdam Raleigh
P3111-OBH Rotterdam Raleigh
P3117-SN Rotterdam Raleigh
P3111-WOA Rotterdam Raleigh
P3123-14 Rotterdam Raleigh
P3111-SN Rotterdam Raleigh
P3113-SN Rotterdam Richmond
P3113-OBH Rotterdam Richmond
P3125-SN Rotterdam Richmond
P3125-14 Rotterdam Richmond
P3113-WOA Rotterdam Richmond
P3119-14 Rotterdam Richmond
P3119-SN Rotterdam Richmond
P3113-14 Rotterdam Richmond
P3114-14 Rotterdam Rochester
P3112-OBH Rotterdam Rochester
P3114-SN Rotterdam Rochester
P3112-14 Rotterdam Rochester
P3114-OBH Rotterdam Rochester
P3118-14 Rotterdam Rochester
P3118-SN Rotterdam Rochester
P3112-SN Rotterdam Rochester
HH074888-SN Rotterdam Rockford
HH074888-OBH Rotterdam Rockford
HH09747-SN Rotterdam Rockford
HH09747-14 Rotterdam Rockford
HH074888-14 Rotterdam Rockford
HH09747-OBH Rotterdam Rockford
P106-CB Surface Face Mounted Southwest Lodge
P148-AB Surface Face Mounted Southwest Lodge
P106-AC Surface Face Mounted Southwest Lodge
P3330-CH Knob Swoop
P7-W English Cozy Tranquility
P630-W English Cozy Tranquility
P28-W English Cozy Tranquility
P603-PR English Cozy Tranquility
P29-W English Cozy Tranquility
P638-BL English Cozy Tranquility
P602-PR English Cozy Tranquility
P1-W English Cozy Tranquility
P3-W English Cozy Tranquility
P69-W English Cozy Tranquility
P814-W Midway Wire Pulls
P865-LAD Midway Wire Pulls
P818-BL Midway Wire Pulls
P817-BL Midway Wire Pulls
P813-W Midway Wire Pulls
P867-BL Midway Wire Pulls
P877-LAD Midway Wire Pulls
P864-W Midway Wire Pulls