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New York Fashion Week Mashup

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This year at the NYFW a new trend was emerging in fashion, although it has been no stranger to most.  Genre Blending- More than just music!

Aerosmith and Run DMC's collaboration back in the 90's seemed groundbreaking, but today, musically, it is somewhat mainstream.  Almost every popular Rap, Pop and even country genre's are doing collaborations.  Even recognized by the Grammy Awards as a "newly recorded collaborative pop performances" that "do not normally perform together."  The Grammy's cannot even put a category on it as it morphs and changes as music evolves.  Today, they call the category Best Duet/Group performance but still try to define it by the lead artist category.  Drake won for "Hotline Bling" in Rap/Duet/Group and Twentyone Pilots won for Pop Duet/Group performance.

Try pairing the Pipeline Collection and the Velocity Collection.


What we saw on the runway almost mimics the concept.  Marc Jacobs and Coach made a huge splash at NYFW for Fall 17.  Marc Jacobs with his inspired "Hip-Hop Evolution" included track pants, bling, and fur.  Denim and maximized gold chains made a statement that Street Style needs to be noticed!  Corduroy, silk chemise and platform shoes, this was one of my favorite Marc Jacobs reveals yet.

Coach 1941 - Pre-Fall 2017, also stepped up with their street style Urban Prairie.  The concept of an urban prairie is the vacant urban spaces that have been reverted back to green. Coach took identifiable "prairie" images and meshed them with Urban Street style for a knockout combo. Sherling coats, biker jackets, and the intro of "Rexy" the new mascot T-Rex mascot along with the use of logos throughout the show certainly provided for an overwhelming Americana feel. 


Try pairing the Midway Collection and the Streamline Collection.

 In design, we generally have buckets that we try to categorize styles into.  What we have learned from New York Fashion Week 2017 is that people do not want to be in a category.  They long for both individualism and recognition.  Whether that is in the clothes you wear or the decor you choose.  It's okay to have black stainless appliances with gold hardware and brass light fixtures.  It's okay to mix a contemporary cabinet face with an atomic hardware pull.  It's okay because it is DISTINCTLY you...and no one knows you better than you.  



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