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Matching Hardware to Cabinets and Interior Spaces

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Who says you have to look at actual kitchens for hardware inspiration? Looking at how interior spaces handle metal accents, color and texture combinations can just as easily help inform and inspire the design of your kitchen, bathroom or vanity.

Las Cornisas on Plum Guide

For rich jewel tone bathrooms with colored tile, choosing a finish as luxurious as brass plays off the bold colors well for an overall luxe vibe. The same can be applied for richly pigmented kitchens in the examples below.

Designed by deVOL Kitchens

Gold tone cup pulls gleam against this classic green and marble kitchen while gold bar pulls elevates the blue kitchen below. For similar cup pulls take a look at our Williamsburg collection and for bar-type pulls check out our new collections Piper and Woodward.

Designed by Anne Rae Design

Lofty Moors on Plum Guide

In this Milanese home in Italy, a disparage of objects is united by a dark and neutral color scheme with black taking center stage on major leather pieces and the kitchen island. While this home lacks the traditional kitchen look of upper and lower cabinetry, these black out kitchens below capture the essence of using black as a major design brief.

Design by Schiffini

Design by IKEA

Looking for minimalist Matte Black hardware? Check out our Skylight, Studio, Piper, Woodward and Bar Pull collections in Matte Black.

The Grey Area on Plum Guide

Silver finishes like Chrome and Satin Nickel have been indoctrinated as a timeless staple in kitchen designs. Just as stainless steel appliances have become staples after the advent of white and black appliances, silver finishes have become design mainstays for their hard working finishes and lasting durability.

Designed by Tamara Magel

Did you know silver finishes don’t just lean neutral and cool? Yes, there are warm tones of silver finishes to accent warmer colored cabinets and interior spaces!

Hickory Hardware has a vast variety of silver finishes. Here are just a few, the differences may be subtle but the undertones can change everything much like paint color.

  • Chrome: Bright and hard-wearing, chrome leans a bit cool-toned with ever so slight undertone of blue. Think of what chrome finishes look like on cars. Great for accenting white, black and gray cabinets.
  • Polished Nickel: Bright but warm-tone silver with ever so slight undertones of yellow. Polished Nickel is perfect if you like your hardware to shine but not look too cool like Chrome. Great for accenting warmer toned cabinets in wood or warmer grays.
  • Satin Nickel: A brushed neutral finish that is neither too warm nor cool. The brushed nature of this finish lends to its popularity, easy to maintain and masks fingerprints. Can work on almost any cabinet color.
  • Stainless Steel: Identical to Satin Nickel but in a different brush pattern.

Check out some of our most popular collections in silver finishes such as Skylight, American Diner, Studio, Bridges, and Williamsburg

Be sure to take a peek at all of Hickory Hardware's 2020 new releases: Karat, Piper, Veranda and Woodward. All 4 collections come in 4 very popular finishes including Chrome, Satin Nickel, Brushed Golden Brass and Matte Black with matching hooks!

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