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How to Install Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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The standard drawer front is 3/4” thick. Hickory Hardware supplies 8-32 x 1” screws to accommodate the standard drawer front. If a drawer front is constructed with a thicker drawer front or drawer box, additional screw length may be necessary and sold separately.

Before you begin:

Use a tape measure to find the center of the cabinet door frame and mark with a pencil. For new installation use a Hickory Hardware drill hole template with drill bit. This will assure precision placement of your knobs and pulls.

Drilling holes:

Use the recommended 3/16” drill bit after you’ve marked your knob or pull placement. Some pulls that have stud-bosses will require a 1/4” hole. A stud-boss is an extension of the screw mould that will be counter-sunk into the cabinet door. A 1/4” drill bit will be needed. This will assure the pull sits flat against the cabinet face. Drill a hole completely through the cabinet face.

Mounting hardware:

Use a Phillips screwdriver to hand tighten the screw from the back of the cupboard or drawer front threading the screw into the knob or pull located on the front.


Visually there is no wrong way to arrange your hardware. Which combination works best for your home is your personal preference.

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