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2020 Hardware Trends

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Certain finishes come and go. But what’s in store for 2020? Brushed Golden Brass has eclipsed Polished Brass in popularity. Plumbing fixture makers like Moen and Kohler have released gold and black faucets to match hardware in the home. Here are our predictions for hardware trends in 2020:


Hardware Dualities

Design by mar plus ask / Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals

Mix and match metals and antiqued hardware in modern shapes will be sensible and popular in 2020. Seen here in the mar plus ask design where antiqued copper hardware in minimalist lip pulls live side by side within the same space as a brass faucet. Note the coffee table with black legs thrown in the mix as well as the copper light overhanging the kitchen island. It all works because of the overall limited color palette of the space.

Design by mar plus ask / Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals

Design by mar plus ask / Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals

In this beautiful mountain lodge remodel below, Emily Henderson mixes and matches hardware types and finishes. At first glance it’s Matte Black and Polished Brass but upon closer inspection, we see pulls of varying styles and widths as well as knobs for added interest. The warmth of the wooden cabinets and flooring help to offset the brass faucet while the black stained kitchen island unites the rest of the Matte Black hardware and light fixtures.

Design by Emily Henderson


Gold Hardware

Featuring Hickory Hardware Veranda Collection

Gold hardware has been a strong prevailing trend in 2019 and we will see this trend continue into 2020 and beyond. With Pantone announcing Classic Blue as their Color of the Year and the onset of designer fatigue with a sea of all-white kitchens, boldly painted kitchen cabinets will come into fore with homeowners also wanting to take more design risks. The richness of these painted hues will work in tandem with luxurious golden finishes.

Featuring Hickory Hardware Veranda Collection

Design by Alyssa Kapito

Design by Jean Stoffer Design

In this image, we see both trends in play, Hardware Dualities and Gold. Gold hardware is reserved for adorning the forest green kitchen cabinets on the left while silver hardware sits over pale wood on the kitchen island to the right. This combination not only looks good, it makes sense to most realities. Not everyone is going to have brass hardware with a gold fridge, sink, oven and dishwasher. Mixing and matching hardware is a great solution for tying together varying finishes in a single kitchen.


Matte Black Hardware

Kast Concrete Basin in Luna

With the sustained popularity of contemporary farmhouse design and the desirability of black plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances increasing, kitchens have already begun to adopt black hardware in the kitchen for an edgy clean modern look. For those wanting a strong contrast between light colored cabinets or interiors and aren’t willing to dive into colored cabinetry, Matte Black hardware is the answer. For an even more dramatic look, we foresee Matte Black hardware being used on Matte Black cabinetry for a monochromatic effect.

Design by Studio McGee
Design by Sarah Wolfendale / Photography by Shanon McGrath
Design by Vipp Kitchen

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